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Embracing Solar Power

Pioneering the solar revolution

SolarAustin.Net shines in Texas, championing sustainable energy. With breakthroughs in solar tech, we’re steering Austin towards a luminous, eco-friendly tomorrow. Your gateway to a sustainable future starts here.

Why Select Solar Austin: Key Benefits

Solar in Austin: Save costs, increase property value, and join the move towards 100% carbon-free energy. Make a smart, sustainable choice today.

Solar Incentive Benefits

Austin homeowners, unlock solar savings with local incentives, a $2,500 Austin Energy rebate, and federal tax credits. Make the switch to renewable energy cost-effective and straightforward. Explore these benefits and optimize your solar investment with expert guidance from SolarAustin.Net.

Innovative Energy Storage

Discover premier solar batteries at SolarAustin.Net: Panasonic EverVolt, LG RESU Prime, Generac PWRcell, Enphase IQ. Perfect for enhancing your solar setup, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Choose us for a seamless solar experience.

Solar Financing Solutions

Explore Austin's solar financing solutions on our site! Benefit from incentives, tax credits, rebates, and exemptions designed to reduce your solar investment cost. Make the smart switch to renewable energy today and save big with SolarAustin.Net.

Go Solar with Solar Austin: Easy Installation, Brighter Future!

From initial assessment to custom design and permit acquisition, we make solar installation in Austin seamless and stress-free. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition to clean energy, tailoring solutions to fit your home’s unique needs. 

Choose Local

Before your solar journey begins, it’s essential to navigate Austin’s specific permitting requirements. Obtaining the necessary solar panel permits ensures your project meets all local building and safety regulations, setting the stage for a smooth and compliant installation.

Solar Panel Installation Austin, Tx

Finally, the actual installation of the solar panels takes place. Our skilled technicians install the panels securely to the roof, integrate them with the home’s electrical system, and install any additional equipment such as inverters and batteries if necessary.

Federal Tax Credits

Texas homeowners have the opportunity to benefit from federal tax credits when they install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. They are eligible to claim a substantial portion of the total system expenses, including installation costs, as a credit on their federal tax returns.

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solar austin tx sideview image of recent solar installation from

Local Solar Rebates

Unlock solar savings in Austin with attractive incentives including property tax exemptions, rebate programs, and federal tax credits.

Austin Energy’s $2,500 solar PV rebate, alongside other local rebates, significantly lowers the cost of solar installations, making it easier for you to transition to renewable energy.

Explore these benefits to make an informed decision and transform your home’s energy with SolarAustin.Net.

Solar Panel Installation Services in Austin

At SolarAustin.Net, discover how solar incentives can significantly reduce electricity costs. Our high-quality solar solutions are designed to maximize savings and efficiency for your home. Take advantage of our expertise to navigate through available incentives, ensuring you get the most value.

Let us help you make a smart investment in solar energy and enjoy lower electricity bills and more sustainable living.

Plus, let us guide you through the benefits of buying versus leasing solar panels, ensuring you make the most informed decision for long-term savings and sustainability.

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Solar Austin: The Right Provider for Your Solar Journey

Opt for a solar provider in Austin that stands out with stellar reputation, top-notch certifications, and superior customer service. With, you’re choosing a well-established partner committed to long-term support for your solar journey.

Austin's Premier Choice for Solar Energy Solutions

When exploring solar energy companies in Austin, prioritize a provider that delivers it all: expert installation, diligent maintenance, and seamless grid integration. specializes in both residential and commercial solar solutions, perfectly aligning with your unique requirements. 

Certified Excellence & Unbeatable Warranties!

Ensure your solar journey is in the best hands by choosing a provider with top-tier credentials. is proud to boast NABCEP certification, showcasing our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in solar installation and technology.

Simplifying Solar for You

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Get started today, with the Solar Austin Program

Maintain your solar panels’ peak performance with SolarAustin.Net’s dedicated maintenance and repair services. Our commitment to Texas’s green initiatives includes supporting solar recycling, ensuring your solar solution is not only efficient but environmentally responsible.