Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) & SolarAustin.Net

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) & SolarAustinNet Solar Array

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) has embraced renewable energy as a core component of its environmental strategy, specifically focusing on solar power to drive its sustainability efforts forward.

Partnerships for Renewable Power

In collaboration with Austin Energy, ABIA has launched a Community Solar Program that powers not just the airport but also brings solar energy to 160 homes in the local area.

This initiative highlights the joint commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency shared by ABIA and Austin’s energy provider.

The founders of SolarAustin.Net were consulted for their expertise in solar solutions for this airport project, emphasizing the collaboration’s focus on sustainable energy practices.

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Advancing Towards Carbon Neutrality

With a commitment to reducing environmental impact, ABIA has achieved carbon neutrality, a distinction held by only a few North American airports. Recognition such as the Level 3+ Accreditation from the Carbon Accreditation Program showcases ABIA’s rigorous efforts to manage and reduce its carbon footprint.

Infrastructure Supporting Sustainability

The incorporation of sustainability into the very infrastructure of ABIA is witnessed in the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and energy-efficient designs. These infrastructure improvements demonstrate the airport’s long-term commitment to alternative energy sources, painting a future where green energy is not just an option but a standard.

Broader Community Involvement

Through the significant Community Solar Program, you can participate in harnessing solar energy without installing panels on your home. This program ensures renewable energy is actively powering the airport and supporting 160 local homes annually.

Clean Energy: Each participant in the program helps contribute to Austin’s overarching green strategy by choosing renewable over traditional energy sources. For those in the Customer Assistance Program, eco-consciousness doesn’t come with a high price; both market-rate customers and financial-assistance recipients benefit from solar power at locked-in rates until 2033.

Eco-Friendly Operational Practices

Your airport is a leader in adopting sustainable practices. It showcases a commitment to reducing environmental impact through actions like installing new solar panel arrays that contribute 1.8 megawatts of renewable energy. Notably, this energy generation equals a sizable offset in the carbon footprint as a result of the airport’s operations.

Expanding Renewable Energy Sources

ABIA is actively augmenting its renewable energy portfolio. The recent completion of a new solar panel array on the AUS campus is a testament to Austin’s push towards alternative energy sources.

This move is not an isolated effort; plans are underway to pursue other green energy projects, including the possible utilization of renewable natural gas and additional solar arrays to power both the Barbara Jordan Terminal and other airport construction projects.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Efficiency measures are also part of ABIA’s vision. Incorporating energy-efficient designs in lighting, climate control, and electrical systems reduces the carbon footprint significantly. With each step taken, ABIA is cementing its commitment to a future where sustainability and aviation progress hand in hand.

Recognitions and Accreditations

AUS has distinguished itself by attaining a Level 3+ Accreditation from Airports Council International as part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. This specific accreditation underlines the airport’s success in attaining carbon neutrality, a significant milestone reflecting its dedication to environmental stewardship.

Benchmarking Against North American Airports

When comparing Austin’s airport (AUS) with other North American airports, it’s clear that only a few have hit the carbon neutrality mark. This select group focuses on top-notch sustainability, and Austin’s airport is seen as a leading force thanks to its heavy investment in renewable energy, says Duncan O’Connor from the SolarAustin.Net team.

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