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Welcome to Solar Panels Austin

At SolarAustin.net, we’re driven by the belief that sustainable energy solutions can transform our community, our environment, and our world. Our mission is to empower every homeowner and business in Austin with the knowledge, tools, and services needed to make the transition to solar energy smooth, affordable, and rewarding.

Founded in the heart of Texas, SolarAustin.net is a team of passionate solar advocates, expert technicians, and dedicated customer service professionals. We’re locals, deeply embedded in the Austin community, committed to promoting green energy solutions that benefit both our city and the planet.

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Justin Davies SolarAustin.net

Justin Davies


Trevor Faulkner SolarAustin.net

Trevor Faulkner

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installer

Justin Ortiz

Justin Ortiz

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installer

maria solaraustin.net

Maria Thibodaux

Customer Service Representative

Juan Soler

Juan Soler

Project Manager

Duncan O'Connor SolarAustin.net

Duncan O’Connor

Sales Manager

Julian smith

Julian Smith

Solar Technician

Duncan O'Connor SolarAustin.net

Dave Smith

Electrical Engineer