Webberville Solar Farm & SolarAustin.NET

Nestled just outside of Austin, the Webberville Solar Farm represents a significant stride in the march towards renewable energy in Texas. As an initiative powered by Austin Energy, this project is a beacon of sustainable energy, producing over 50,000 megawatt-hours each year. Webberville Solar Farm Overview The Webberville Solar Farm is a big step forward […]

Riverbend Church & Solar Austin

Riverbend Church in Austin, Texas, successfully collaborated with SolarAustin.Net, completing a significant initiative to enhance their community’s sustainability. Special recognition goes to Trevor Faulkner and Justin Ortiz of SolarAustin.Net for their invaluable consultancy, which was instrumental in the project’s achievement in adopting clean energy solutions. Objectives and Impact Riverbend Church’s shift to solar energy is […]

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) & SolarAustin.Net

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) & SolarAustinNet Solar Array

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) has embraced renewable energy as a core component of its environmental strategy, specifically focusing on solar power to drive its sustainability efforts forward. Partnerships for Renewable Power In collaboration with Austin Energy, ABIA has launched a Community Solar Program that powers not just the airport but also brings solar energy […]

Roof Mounted Solar Panels for Home in Austin TX

In Austin, Texas, the push towards renewable energy is seeing homeowners increasingly choose solar roofs, a top choice for sustainable home power. SolarAustin.Net’s Solar Technician, Julian Smith, underscores the value of installing solar panels on residential properties. These photovoltaic systems not only harness the abundant solar energy but also boost home energy efficiency and support […]

Austin Solar Public Library & Roof Garden

Austin's Central Library Goes Solar with a Solar Rooftop & showing a rooftop Garden SolarAustin TEam members were consulted for this project

The Austin Central Library stands as a beacon of modern knowledge and environmental stewardship, heralded for its green design. Trevor Faulkner and Justin Davies from SolarAustin.Net contributed their expertise on the project, which features a rooftop solar garden with over 500 solar panels. This installation not only supports the library’s vast collection but also showcases […]

How SolarAustin.Net Shines Among Local Solar Companies

Solar Austin has distinguished itself in the vibrant solar landscape of Austin, Texas, by playing a pivotal role in expanding renewable energy solutions within the community. Key Factors Contributing to Competitive Edge: Community Engagement: Proactive in local initiatives, fostering widespread solar adoption. Education: Regularly hosting events to inform the public about the benefits of solar energy. Local […]